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Terrence Nunnery has been a licensed real estate agent for over 10 years now. He has experienced many different levels in the real estate business. He has helped people sell and buy homes over these years. He has taken part in helping first time buyers, people looking to invest, people that just want to sell, and even some experience in the commercial market. Even though he has experience in many different areas his main focus these days is helping buyers with new purchases and also working with investors. He works primarily in the North Atlanta area but is willing to branch out into other areas if there is a client need.
Terrence strives to provide the highest quality products and services to his clients.  He believes in customer focused decision making that involves voice of customer feedback in everything. The number one goal is to make his clients happy, no matter the cost, so that they feel confident and motivated to recommend him to their network of family, friends, and colleagues. 


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